Running Leashes

Recently I was dog walking in Venice when a young man on a skateboard crashed into me and the two dogs that I was walking. Luckily I use a running leash which attaches to a belt around my waist and I did not lose control of the two pugs that I was walking. As a full time dog walker my worst fear is having to tell a dog owner that I lost their dog or that it was injured because I dropped a leash. With a running leash your dog stays attached to you leaving your hands free. The one I use is from Paw Lifestyles, the leash portion has some elastic in it to keep the leash from dragging on the ground. I feel that the dog is much safer and I like having my hands free. I will caution anyone who uses a leash like this to be very careful going up and down stairs with it on, as it is easy to be thrown off balance. You can check out the leash that I use at

Photo of belt and leash
Running Leash and belt